Going through wedding planning is an amazing experience. People often dreamed of their own weddings just like in the fairy tales. Here at New Brides, we’ve had been helping people with their weddings since 2000. We restlessly explore new ideas for our customers so that the brides and grooms can have their special days as great as can be.

New Brides is a bridal & glamour shot store originally from Taiwan. We are dedicated to bring you the latest fashion from around the world. Wedding gowns, accessories, or grooms tuxedos, we have the newest designers’ collections from simple elegance to absolute glamor for you to choose from. We can also custom make to your order.

Our make up artists and hair stylists can give you the looks you desire. Consultation is provided until your content before the make up session.

More importantly, New Brides photo gives the special touch for every bride and groom with our exceptional Taiwanese photographers. Our photographers knows how to capture the most natural and beautiful looks of our customers. We provide pre-wedding photos and candid video/photo shoot. We also have different themes for you to choose from.

At New Brides, we provide the full service with the best consultations so that you can get the look you want and preserve it the best way forever. We will definitely satisfy you and WOW your crowd. At New Brides, it’s a dream come true.

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